Helping our government customers by providing technical, contracting, and logistical expertise in support of their mission.

CompSec is one of the most trusted sources for solving complex IT problems. Started in 1997 to address specific customer issues in the intelligence community, CompSec has remained customer-facing and mission-focused. We provide an unparalleled depth of knowledge and insight into the intelligence community for our customers and vendor partners.

The CompSec team is dedicated to helping our government customers find the best possible technology solution at the best possible value. We have built a solid reputation on being able to solve daunting customer problems with unique and emerging technology solutions, and we work with the customer to analyze the needs and develop the requirements in a way that meets the mission at the best possible value.

CompSec’s size and experience enables us to move swiftly and flexibly to meet our customers’ needs. We strive to be highly responsive to our customers and proactive in anticipating their needs and finding the best solutions in a time-sensitive manner.

About CompSec
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    Mission Statement - Who We Are

    CompSec provides Government Customers and Technology Vendors the ability to conduct business with speed, ease, and cost-effectiveness, while maintaining a high degree of ethical and professional commitment.

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    Purpose Statement - What We Do

    CompSec works closely with Government Customers to identify needs and pain points surrounding technology identification, adoption, acquisition, and innovation. CompSec finds means to address these issues, and work with the their vendor partners to provide solutions to ease or resolve them – services, solutions, products, contracts, or other.

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    Business Statement - How We Do It

    > Product Support Services
    Through a better understanding of customer needs and requirements and a level of trust built over time by providing unparalleled support, CompSec will provide service options, companies, and plans to address issues for the betterment of the customer environment and situation.

    > Custom Engineered Solutions
    By understanding the overall goals of the customer, CompSec will provide high-level solutions addressing one or more issues while adhering to any restrictions or preferences of the customer.

    > Technology Research & Test
    With knowledge of customer issues and concerns, CompSec will provide the best technologies applicable to their needs. This not only includes the best technical solution, but those that apply to customer security restrictions, network restrictions, and product preferences.

    > Acquisition & Procurement
    With our extensive history and knowledge of acquisition, procurement, and contracting, CompSec will provide the customer full information, support, and logistics to address and resolve any contracting or procurement issues.

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    CompSec Values - Our Beliefs

    CompSec will operate under the highest level of ethical standards and legality. At all times, CompSec personnel are expected to demonstrate the following characteristics:

    > Ethical
    The ability to pursue business in a controlled and regulated environment can often lead to unethical situations and opportunities. CompSec employees are expected to rise above the rest in questionable ethical situations, and serve the customer and the partner while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

    > Honest
    Honesty extends far beyond truth and lies. CompSec employees are expected to provide the best and most valuable information to all partnering parties at all times, to set expectations correctly, and inform people of misconceptions that they may have regardless of the outcome. Although the truth is often hard to hear, it is better in the long run to be honest than to carry the weight of a dishonesty.

    > Professional

    Professionalism is both a state of mind and actions in all aspects of business. CompSec employees are expected to dress appropriately, act with a sense of decorum, and communicate in a clear and educated manner regardless of the medium – speech, email, text, notes, or other.

    > Decisive
    The ability to act solves more problems that it creates. CompSec employees are expected to act swiftly and decisively when dealing with customers and partners. This will allow for faster goal attainment, more immediate recognition of issues, and better time management overall.

    > Positive
    Moods are infectious. CompSec employees are to maintain a positive and upbeat mindset and attitude when dealing with customers and partners. There is no value in bringing a negative mindset to bear when dealing with others.

    > Accommodating
    Serving in a support capacity, we only have customers. CompSec employees are expected to treat all parties with whom they interact as if they are customers – customer, partners, vendors, suppliers, coworkers, and others. As a support function, we need them all to desire to work with us in order to be successful. Our greatest power is to accommodate them all to the best of our ability.

    > Understanding

    Problems require either solutions or support. CompSec employees are expected to listen, work to understand, and attempt to empathize with customer and partners when identifying issues and concerns. Not all issues can be resolved easily or at all with our resources, but often the very act of understanding the problem from their point of view can help with communication, troubleshooting, brainstorming, etc.

    > Creative
    Where there is a will, there is a way. CompSec employees are expected to be creative and open-minded when attempting to resolve issues with customers and vendors. Often the best solution will involve ideas not previously attempted or technologies not currently in our line card. Every attempt to explore new and better possibilities for the best solution are encouraged.

Executive Bios
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    Chad Wagner, President & CEO

    Chad Wagner serves as the President and CEO of CompSec. He supports CompSec’s government customers by helping them to identify and integrate proven technology from CompSec’s vendor partners into their mission solutions. Chad is responsible for the strategic vision of the company, as well as overall management and growth of the firm.

    Chad has worked with the Intelligence Community for over 20 years. As an Arabic linguist and analyst, he served honorably in the United States Marine Corps for five years. After multiple tours in the Middle East, he was last stationed at the National Security Agency.

    A self-taught programmer, Chad designed and developed applications supporting government programs and became proficient in understanding how to technically meet the analytical needs of his users. He served with such firms as Rational, ObjectFX, and MetaCarta before joining CompSec, and always maintained a focus on the Intelligence Community and the government customer.

    Chad has a Bachelors of Science from the University of Maryland as well as several military commendations for interservice actions while in the military, including a Navy Achievement Medal and a Joint Service Achievement Medal.

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    Cabot Davis, Vice President of Operations

    Cabot Davis has served as the Vice President of Operations for CompSec for over five years. Having worked in the information technology field for over 20 years with both product and professional services experience, Cabot has a unique perspective on the needs of the government customer. He works closely with enterprise vendors to directly apply their technologies and expertise to solve the real-world problems facing our government customers.

    Before joining CompSec, Cabot served as Director of New Business Development for COMPASS Information Systems where he also handled security and clearance issues as the Facility Security Officer for the firm. Cabot has also worked for industry leaders such as CA, as well as with startups and small solution-driven firms in the technology sector focused on serving the federal government.

    Cabot is a graduate of Emory & Henry College, where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Management with a Concentration in Economics.

We strive to be highly responsive to our customers, and proactive in anticipating their needs and finding the best solutions in a time-sensitive manner.