CompSec has many contract vehicles across the federal government, as well as access to a multitude more.  Through strategic partnerships, CompSec can utilize contract vehicles held by other companies to meet the needs of the both the vendor and the customer while still supplying the necessary experience and skill to get the deal done right.

As a reseller partner, our primary goal is to make the procurement process as fast and easy as possible for both the customer and the vendor. In order to do that, we do not need every contract vehicle – we simply need to know how to utilize the existing contract vehicles that offer the fastest, most inexpensive, and easiest methods of contracting possible.  We find these vehicles, negotiate rates, and maintain access so that you don’t have to. 

Procurement is one of the things that we do best.  Let us help you lessen the impact of procurement on the sales cycle!

Along with multiple direct prime contracts with agencies in the intelligence community, we also have access to:

  • SEWP
  • CIO/CS
  • Small Business Status
  • 8a Status
  • Disabled Veteran Status