As a value-added reseller for proven IT solution providers, CompSec is the Intelligence Community’s most trusted source for solving complex IT problems. We are committed to work on behalf of the Government to support their mission, dedicated to helping our Government customers find the best possible technology solution for their unique requirements at the best possible value.

Product Support Services

Through a better understanding of customer needs and requirements and a level of trust built over time by providing unparalleled support, CompSec will provide service options, companies, and plans to address issues for the betterment of the customer environment and situation.

Custom Engineered Solutions

By understanding the overall goals of the customer, CompSec will provide high-level solutions addressing one or more issues while adhering to any restrictions or preferences of the customer.

Technology Research & Test

With knowledge of customer issues and concerns, CompSec will provide the best technologies applicable to their needs. This not only includes the best technical solution, but those that apply to customer security restrictions, network restrictions, and product preferences.

Acquisition & Procurement

With our extensive history and knowledge of acquisition, procurement, and contracting, CompSec will provide the customer full information, support, and logistics to address and resolve any contracting or procurement issues.